About Me

Welcome to my website! I have been doing court-related counseling and evaluations since 1993. My two graduate-level degrees in Psychology and Counseling, along with my 35+ years in the criminal justice system (including experience as a Probation Officer and as a Parole Officer), enable me to serve as a consultant for the client’s attorney as well as a counselor for the client. My comprehensive evaluations will let the court know if testing indicates a client’s offense was an isolated incident – or, if it was part of an ongoing or established pattern of behavior, the report will outline a detailed counseling plan, personalized for each individual client.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (licensed by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, License No. LPC003532), with a Master of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Addiction Counseling. I also have an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in Guidance and Counseling. Both graduate-level degrees are from the University of West Georgia. My coursework for both degrees emphasized psychological testing and evaluation, and my Ed.S. practicum was in forensic evaluations for the judicial system.

I am certified as a Clinical Evaluator (State Registry No. 2096) by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Division of Addictive Disease, DUI Intervention Program. I have worked in the legal system since 1985, first as a Probation Officer, then as a Parole Officer and Substance Abuse Counselor for the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. Since 1993 I have worked full-time as a Counselor specializing in evaluations for the Courts and other governmental agencies, including many Pretrial Supervision and Probation Offices throughout the state of Georgia. I previously served for three years as Vice Chair of the Cobb County Domestic Violence Task Force.

I have been trained in Spiritual Direction in the Episcopal Church. My mentor in that program was the late Rev. Dr. John Westerhoff, author of the theological classic, Will Our Children Have Faith?

I am also a published author of horror, dark fantasy, and crime fiction. My author page is www.ShadowHaunted.com